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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wood Grain Quilting

Talk about freeing! Wood grain is one of those quilting motifs I don't think you could really mess up on. Wood is so organic anyway and each slice of it is unique next to another slice of it so here it is when quilted.

It looks like I have a log sitting on my long arm.

It was too dark to check for stray threads last night so I put this up and got out another top from the spare bedroom pile and matched it up with a backing. I'll get that loaded today after working on the AQS piece for a bit this morning. I'll put the AQS piece away for the weekend 'cause I'm needing a break from it for a short while.

Have you every visited Pinterest? I haven't really spent a lot of time out there because I have such an addictive personality, but O.M.G.!!! I think I put about 50 pins into my quilt folder. I have so many great and broadened ideas about what to put into my quilting, and I didn't even start to scratch the surface. I definitely need to stay away from that site as much as possible.

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