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Friday, January 30, 2015

Squaring Leaders

Every once in a while, something just doesn't seem right. I have struggled to know why my backing fabric on my quilt frame never laid straight. They always seem to skew to the right slightly despite my taking extra time to ensure their even application.

A few days ago, I looked across from the front leader to the back leader at a distance away to see if their center points lined up. It appeared they did not.

This morning, before Jim headed off to work, we checked and measured to see if they were applied at equal distances from the gear heads at the end of the leader bar. They were off by about 3/4 of an inch. No wonder I was having to crank up the side clamps to prevent any wrinkles or puckers. Problem solved!

I completed my second charity quilt of the year.

Charity Blocks

Charity Block Quilting
I quilted leaves throughout because the white within the quilt had a subtle flower motif inside of it and I thought this would compliment the overall design. I was going to custom quilt this one, but after laying out the finished top, decided it just didn't lend itself to customization.

Guild meeting was cancelled last night; the weather was getting pretty dicey.

I shall continue on with my AQS challenge piece today, and maybe dress DW in something different later on.

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