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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Braiding and Baking Soda

This is what took me 45 minutes to do yesterday during class. We actually (kind of) braid with our open toe appliqué foot. It's hard going around these corners and you stitch one stitch at a time, very slowly, which of course, drives me nuts.

Braiding with an open toe foot
I came home all geeked out after class with every intention of finishing my two blocks. Everything was going wrong. I couldn't get my monofilament thread to go into my sewing machine needle. I couldn't get my new free motion couching foot to go on my machine. I ran out of yarn while couching. I decided to appliqué the sole plate of my iron instead of the fabric I was ironing on.

Just great. Fusible web all over the surface of my new iron. Ugh!

Cue rescue music.

Baking soda on a cold iron is a miracle worker. Pour some into a dry dish. Wet a corner of your strong paper towel or finer weave wash cloth/dish rag and scrub away. Miracle upon miracles! The iron looks brand new.

BTW...this also works on your toaster where everything gets all gross especially at the slotted part where the bread goes in.

Perhaps this morning will yield better results in whatever it is I decide to tackle. After last nights debacle(s) I decided to call it quits early and went in to play some stupid mind games.

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  1. Probably, although I've never tried. I think the less linty the better.