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Friday, January 9, 2015


I hung this up for a quick photo before heading out yesterday. After a year (or more) in the making, this is the Crumb Cake quilt. I love this quilt; it will not be offered for sale and will instead, make it's way onto our bed I think.

Crumb Cake Quilt
I don't know if you can see it clearly, but the binding matches each of the colors of the piano key border. This was a new experience I've never tackled before; bind-as-you-go. I don't want to repeat it in the near future, if ever again. However, it makes a wonderful addition to the quilt and decidedly enhances the effect I was going for in its appearance.

Then we were off for errands.

One of the few times our guild has ever cancelled a meeting was yesterday. The winter storm came in with a vengeance and we have a few new inches of poofy white stuff all over everything. The wind was howling and holy cow, it wasn't fit for anybody, let alone anything to be out in.

But that was later in the day. Earlier, Caleb and I met up with mom for a nice lunch and then off to the doctor's to see how Caleb was progressing before I had to return him to school. He was excited to get back into the swing of things and was happy to be back "home"; his second home anyway.

When I returned back to our neck of the woods, I had decided I hadn't been out nearly enough since I'd been locked away for over a week in the house. Quilt shop plug: The Hen House in Charlotte, Michigan.

I have decided you can never really know your local quilt shop to its fullest. They have stuff tucked away and strategically put all over their shops just waiting for discovery. What should have been a quick little trip in to find something new to do, ended up being an hour-long shopping adventure. A few battings, books, and ideas in tow, I finally left as the snow began to fall.

The ladies at The Hen House are so laid back. The new owner, Carolyn, is quick to offer ideas or things that may of be of interest, and her manager, Elise, is Johnny on the Spot when you ask her about a pattern you're interested in. I love these two women and how they are genuinely dedicated and in love with their shop; they have most of my future business as far as I'm concerned. Oh, and we receive a discount for being a member of our local guild.

I don't know where today will take me. Like I mentioned before, I have some new projects I picked up yesterday and just need to decide which direction to head for the day (weekend).

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