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Sunday, January 4, 2015


The quilt guild I belong to threw out a block challenge last summer to be completed by this upcoming Thursday. It's a 20" square block with a noun, a number, and a color. It was a blind selection and I chose 5 red-purple hearts. Easy right?

The few blocks already submitted by other guild members, negated my first couple of ideas. The submissions thus far are cute, thoughtful, and downright gorgeous. Mine ideas were none of these things.

Last night, another fellow guild member reminded us we should probably get going on our challenge if we haven't already. My mind began to ponder and think, and wander and ponder some more. This morning I'm still vacillating about my direction in this challenge. My heart (no pun intended) just isn't into it.

We'll let it rest for another little while to see where I go. It may not happen this time, which is unusual for me. I love a challenge, but this one doesn't really reach out to me so much. I'm not sure why?

I think perhaps I have come to a personal revelation that not everything needs to be completed. This may be the reason my block wasn't done when the challenge was first handed out. I wasn't into it then, and it seems, after six months, I'm still not. So for once, I'm going to actually do what I want to do rather then what others are expecting of me.

This feels like shards of glass coming from my fingers as I write, but in the whole grand scheme of things, it's my life, it's my decision, and not one person is going to come up to me and say, "Hey, you actually didn't do a block for this challenge. Shame on you!"

Meanwhile, I think Mike and I are going to spend some time doing some free motion quilting today. I was commissioned to do a little "O Christmas Tree" piece for a friend of my mothers and have been working on this off and on throughout last week. I'm layering it this morning "as we speak".

Jenny Doan also has a new video out on a project I want to give a try. If (this is a BIG if here) I master zippers today, it might be a nice project to tackle for the Quilt Fairy for quilt camp this summer.

Let's put it this way; I'd rather try to master zippers today with the help of Jenny Doan, then work on, or deal with, my little guild challenge. I guess that sums up just how not into this thing I am.

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