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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Camera Found!

I'll need to find a common place downstairs to put things if I'm shooting pictures down there. This is how the camera got lost in the first place.

Cheddar Stars is done. It's for sale or for charity, whichever comes first. I love the pieced border in this quilt. The stars are paper pieced. I had a lot more unsewing time yesterday on this quilt then I have in a long time.

I had to fix that wonky border that was out of square. I had to unsew part of the binding after attaching it because I didn't get some of the backing in when I was sewing it down. Unsewing is very unproductive, but a necessary event in our line of work I suppose.

Cheddar Stars
I worked on my AQS guild challenge yesterday. I found out that indirect sunlight is better at what I'm doing right now with it then direct sunlight. I worked on it yesterday morning and breezed right along. Yesterday afternoon, after the sun shifted around in the studio, found me struggling to find my thread, so I put that away for another day.

That's how Cheddars Stars became completed so quickly: I couldn't work on the portion of my guild challenge in the afternoon that I'm currently working on.

But, the sun is out today again (hey, this is three days in a row) so I'll work on that until lunchtime and then who knows where the day will take me. Maybe naked DW needs another piece of clothing put on?

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