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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Old and New

This is Andrew's old Spartan "S" quilt. It seems it has nearly reached it's pristine quality with our Restorative treatment to it. I say nearly. I have a few of the fabrics in my small stash bins from the original quilt and it's not quite up to par with them.

Spartan "S"
Notice the ties? This is the problem. We tied the quilt instead of having it quilted (if I recall, time was an issue to get it to him by Christmas that year). Most of the ties have stayed in throughout the green fabric, but for some reason, most of the ties in the white section have pulled through?!

Thankfully, Andrew is understanding and has come to grips this quilt will probably become a wall hanging once we get through working on it.

The original
I found a pic of the original quilt before we even gave it to Andrew. See how much it has faded?

After working with that for a bit yesterday I moved along to another little project, which actually turned out to be a half-day gig. Like I need more stuff on my studio walls, right?

Studio Wall Hanging
I started long-arming the house quilt and got three rows completed on that. From there, I moved along to my Stupendous Stitching piece and did some hand work on that.

The sun is actually out today and will bring warmth into the house. I have no idea where I'm headed in the studio since I've been running around trying to find greeting cards this morning for a dear friends mother who recently passed away. :`(

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