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Friday, January 2, 2015

Kaleidoscope Quilt (Finally)

To round out the end of 2014, this quilt, which has been well over two years in progress, has been completed. Many of my quilt tops are in this same situation since I have yet to quilt those patiently waiting to be finished.

Did I tell you about the Stitchery? The Stitchery is a quilt shop located on the east side of Howell, right along Grand River Avenue. What a great place! Mom and I were at the outlet mall in Howell doing some sale/Christmas shopping and  after our shopping extravaganza, decided to drive through town.

I knew there was a quilt shop near where we were and wow, what a find! The shop has a bin, right as you walk in the front door, filled with sale fabric on the bolt. All of it was $2 a yard and many of them had long cuts left! Many quilt shops have sale fabric, but at $2 a yard, who could resist purchasing nearly everything she had in there?

Needless to say, I obtained about four or five more backings for those tops laying in waiting. On another note about this shop; they are a Janome dealer, which means I have another foot/supply resource for my two Janome machines.

I digressed didn't I?

Here's the Kaleidoscope Quilt with some close-up detail of my newly learned quilting skills. While the backing for this quilt wasn't purchased at the Stitchery, the top was a bright, cheery quilt to have on DW during the holiday season.

Kaleidoscope Quilt

Quilting Detail
Bonnie released her construction details of the 2014 Mystery Quilt on New Years Eve, but I didn't pick it up until yesterday. While the guys were glued to the TV watching parades and football games, I took advantage of the alone time to work on getting blocks together.

Construction of all 25 blocks and the sashing strips commenced. Instructions given were to cut some more squares and hopefully today I'll at least get the basic top together. I don't know if I'll get into the two borders or not because I really don't know what color I should put in there for the first one. I have to wait until Jim gets home to ask his advice, although Caleb is a great resource for color also.

DW is now naked (again) and since the spare bedroom is now free, I can pillage around in there for the next quilting task.

Welcome 2015!

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