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Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Dreaded Paisley

While searching in the fabric library the other day, I wondered upon some fabric I dread. The stuff has been around far too long and my goal yesterday was to eradicate it from the library. Instead of getting the 8 required yards 18 or so years ago, I must have purchased way more then needed. Clearly. 18 years later and the stuff still surfaces. I swear it's multiplying in those shelves.

Awful Paisley
It goes with everything requiring a teal color, but enough is enough! During my shopping trip to The Hen House the other day, Elise pointed me to a pattern to make letters with. This is what I ended up making with the remaining piece that had surfaced.

Ben's Wall Hanging
The original purchase of this horrid fabric was used for Ben's first quilt many years ago. It was a much loved Irish Chain used in many fashions typical boys use their quilts for: A fort, a cape, to drag the dogs around with, to cuddle on the couch, for sleepovers, and for love. 

After making the letters I found I had enough left over to use for backing, and with two inches to spare, the binding as well.

The fabric will always be with us since I have incorporated it into so many of my scrap quilts, but at least when I go searching for something teal in my small or large cuts, this should no longer be an option. 

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