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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

No Electricity?

I woke up this morning to beep, beep, beep...

I thought maybe our smoke alarms were becoming low on battery life. Wrong. It was my modem letting me know our electricity was off. Apparently all of Olivet, Bellevue, and most of northern Battle Creek was out.

For the first time in my life I was actually happy to have to go to the dentist. It was much warmer there since our outside air temps this morning were at -14. The house was becoming cold, and fast!

I scooted over to moms after the dentist office and just arrived back home. The house is still chilly, but we have electricity again. This is why I'm blogging later then usual.

Here's a pic of the extension table I mentioned a few days ago.

Extension behind Mike

See how much more room I have when adding a binding?
The extension can be lowered if I care to do that, but it gives me some added room to set things when I'm not using it for its intended purpose. Until I run into it a few dozen times, I'll probably opt to leave it up.

The house quilt is done. I quilted a row of houses within each row of houses in the top. I added chimney smoke, steam, clouds, birds, and some suns in areas seeming too blank.

Since I did just arrive home, I'm not sure where I'm headed to in here today. I put the Colorful Dresden on DW yesterday and began quilting it after finishing the Houses. I thought today I had class in Portland but after checking our schedule, found it will be next Wednesday instead.

This weekend is sew-in so perhaps I should prepare for what I'm going to do for that? I'll be turning in my 20" challenge block tomorrow at guild and find out whether it will be DQ'd due to it being quilted rather then just a fabric block. Either way is fine with me since I love the piece and would be just as happy finishing it and putting it here in the studio.

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