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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Getting Past It

I love what I did with my challenge! I usually don't particularly like some of my "experiment" pieces, but this one I really, really do.

Apparently, not many of my guild members agree. With over 13 people who have already viewed my Facebook post, only 2 have liked it.

It kind of bothers me...but then again...???

Here it is, the 20" block using a noun (hearts), a number (5), and a color (red-purple).

Quilt Graffiti
The quilting looks black in this pic, but it's not.

After completing this task yesterday morning, I moved onto my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt in the afternoon. The blocks are together, the sashing is in, and I'm adding borders today.

I still haven't did anything with the Crumb Quilt on DW. Maybe if the mystery quilt borders set in easily this morning, I can long-arm this afternoon.

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