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Monday, January 26, 2015

Missing Camera and Guild Challenges

Where is that darn camera? I took it downstairs to shoot a pic of this:

Half Dresden's
And now it's missing. It's not up here in the studio, nor is it downstairs where I was shooting this pic.

Transferring pics from my iPhone/iPad is a pain, pain, pain, so I need to find my camera. This pic didn't turn out very well from my phone either, as you may have noticed.

Oh, hello and good morning. Sorry about the rant. I hate it when I loose stuff. That's why I always put stuff back where it goes; SO much time is lost trying to find things when you lose them.

After obtaining the thread needed for the completion of the binding on this quilt, it is now finished. Hurray! My first self design and after three years, it's finally done.

Onward ho.

Our AQS challenge has been put into motion. I picked up fabric on Saturday, started working on it that night and again yesterday, and here's where I am this morning.

Oops...upside down. Oh well.
This is going to be a long process and will have to be chipped away a bit each day. I'm doing reverse appliqué and the design has been changed about eleven times already. This was a test letter actually within the actual quilt to make sure everything is going out as planned. It's not, but we'll adjust and I'm now moving (again) in a forward motion on it.

Cheddar Stars is currently on DW. It's not as big a quilt as I originally thought so it won't take long to quilt it up.

I have finished my Stitchers Garden blocks for January and have already completed my February homework.

Yesterday I also started a self BOM with a book I purchased a few months back. It's an Edyta Sitar calendar block book and I'll complete one each month so by the end of the year I have something to put into a full sized quilt.

The sun is shining today (at least for now it is) and except for the camera being lost, it should keep me pretty motivated for the remainder of the day.

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