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Friday, January 23, 2015

Two, Two, Two Charities in One

Two charity quilts on DW in one day!

This is Dee's. I just quilted an open simple meander throughout. The top was quite busy (as you can see) and felt like this was about all that was needed here.

Dee's Charity Quilt
Onward ho!

I loaded the Dinosaur quilt without really knowing just how far I was going to get. Plugging away as the day continued found me actually finishing the top before leaving for guild.

It was starting to get a little dark, and continued on even further since I still had another hour and a half before thinking about leaving. Before I knew it, the quilt was complete (save for the label). I shared at guild last night and everybody seemed to like the back as much as the front. Thank you Katie for sharing your dino feet to incorporate into it!

Dino Quilt Front

Dino Quilt Back

We had a wonderful class last night at guild. Mary R. presented the second portion of creating art and it opened my eyes even further into what makes a good piece of artwork. I took a plethora of notes and have included them into the my quilt book library for further reference.

Speaking of art, our AQS challenge is in the forefront. I have had several ideas bouncing around in my head and last weeks meeting found us voting on the direction the quilt was to be made; the conundrum was whether to set it vertical or horizontal. Apparently it was decided at a way prior meeting to set it vertical. However, last week a vote was taken to now set it horizontally. This week presented an issue with that vote.

Making a quilt takes a lot of time, but making a "show" quilt is even further into the time investment category. A few of those who mentioned they would be participating wanted to have a count last night to see who would definitely commit. I mentioned it to our president after the class was finished, prior to our informal time as she was making last minute announcements.

I was lambasted. Not by the president, but rather the VP. Publicly. In front of 28 other guild members. I'm not sure exactly how what I asked for (commitment) was taken out of context, but I was told, loudly, how everybody would be putting forth their best effort. What?

After hearing from her, and I quote, "Well then I have to get snarky here," I basically was attacked verbally in front of all my peers. I. could. not. believe. it!

I grabbed my stuff and left as quickly as I could. A few members snagged me on the way out and talked with me about what just happened, and a phone call later from another member settled me down, but damn! I wasn't asking anything that anybody else who puts this time in wasn't wanting to have asked/said.

Where did I go wrong? I apologized to the whole room if anything I said was taken out of context and that sometimes I have a communication problem due to my lack of a socially structured lifestyle. I thought maybe the VP would call and discuss what was said, but I haven't heard anything as of yet. I'll get over it. I've been through worse. Much worse actually, but, well, a lot of the wind has been taken out of my sails and this is sad!

I will do the AQS challenge. I will put in my usual 110% and it will be something I'm proud of. Will I ever commit to doing another? How does the saying go; time heals all wounds? Maybe?!

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