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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Batty for Batting

A quilter needs batting. We need it for quilts and other projects that happen to surface. Since I have so many tops in need of quilting, a bulk purchase in batting would be a wise choice. My current batting purchases have been buying each quilt individually at a retail cost, with only a few sizes to choose from.

It seems like the quilt I'm going to quilt has limited batting choices that are either just too small, or way too large. For instance, the house quilt I loaded yesterday. The quilt measures 73" x 61 1/2".

My batting choices were:
     A throw size at 60 x 60 or a
         twin size at 72 x 93.

Of course, the 72" is too small for the 73 inches I need so I'm wasting a whole 20 inches on the 93" side.

Enter, batting by the roll.

Batting by the Roll
It's a very low loft 100% cotton batting I am partial to for most of the projects I work on. I can always purchase a "special" batting for maybe that black quilt or one with a high loft requirement, but this should work for most of what it is I like in my quilting.

I think today I'll take some of the "weird" fabric mom found at some yard sale and make grocery/shopping bags to replenish our falling-apart ones.

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