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Monday, January 5, 2015


I started yesterday out finishing this commission piece for a customer. Isn't it cute? She saw one like it on my moms wall and asked if I would make her one. My mom's is a bit more colorful, but I actually like the other one a bit better. 

My Mom's Tree

Customer Tree
From there, I headed into "sewing" world. While my little zippered pouch turned out okay, I still don't know why Jenny's looks more polished. I worked step-by-step with her on the video and yet my piece doesn't look nearly as nice as hers. 

But, it was quite fun to make and I wouldn't mind making some smaller ones for a variety of reasons.

Finally, oh finally, my challenge inspiration hit me. Another guild member posted up what she did with her five yellow dogs, and Katie's five sepia suns turned out wonderful, which is why I was becoming a little intimidated about the whole thing. 

I too had the number five, and the last thing I wanted was a four-in-the-corner-one-in-the-middle design. I wanted something to appeal to the younger crowd and something that "wow'ed" everybody when looking at it from it's vantage point. 

I have not finished it so you don't get to see it yet. We were supposed to make a block and I actually ended up making a quilt sandwich for what it was I wanted to do. The piece may even be disqualified from entry?!? After today, you may get a peek at it, but we'll see where the very cold, snowy day takes us to today. 

The Crumb Cake quilt has been on DW for a few days now and I so I think sometime today I should probably head in that direction, but quite honestly, I'm itching to get over to Mike and continue on with my guild challenge. And, isn't that interesting? I was not at all about this challenge 24 hours ago, and now I can't wait to get back to work on it. Hmmm?????

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  1. Guild challenge, guild challenge, guild challenge! I wanna see it!!!!!!