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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Row by Row

If you are in my quilt guild and aren't supposed to see each of the rows we make, then don't look!

This is my row by row completed yesterday and I love it! My theme is Kitchen and I started with food items.

Kitchen Row by Row
The Half Dresden quilt is off DW. I didn't complete it because Mike is packed up for class later today. He does a much better job with binding then Laura does so I'll wait a day to get that finished. Still not sure about it and will take a better look through the lens of the camera tomorrow morning.

Loaded Dee's quilt onto the frame and will meander quilt later tonight or sometime tomorrow prior to going to guild. My goal is to have it to her at the meeting.

Stitchers Garden class is today and of course, it's snowing. Thankfully, Jim is home today and can shuttle me around before and after he heads to the doctor. It seems Caleb decided to share his upper respiratory infection with dad. Lucky guy. And, he brought home a flu bug last night too.

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