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Monday, January 12, 2015

Totes and Bags

Ya gotta love free classes. Especially when they provide useful information and instructions. My love for Craftsy ever increases as I find free patterns and classes they offer.

This bag class provided me the opportunity to make some much needed shopping bags and to alter the pattern to a size (both with width and height) that Jim and I could live with. We're kind of particular about the bags we use at the grocery store and this was a way to make bags in sizes WE liked instead of being stuck with limited sizes offered.

With the weird fabric mom gave me, and since Sunday is small project day, I made the first bag as the original pattern indicated. After finishing that before lunch, decided we needed to make the bag a bit taller and a little wider. The second bag was made after we got back from the hardware store.

Shopping Bags
Since these are just shopping bags, I didn't get all fancy or particular about detail, and quite honestly, they sewed up rather nice. I used some jeans we had laying around for the bottoms for added strength, and they are both lined too. Washing them will be easy when that time arrives.

I think today I need to long-arm and start something new. I have a paper pieced piece I started late last week with the books I picked up from The Hen House. I also have the letter book in which I want to make a wall hanging with the word "QUILT" in it. I'm running out of wall space in my studio, but these two projects would be a cute addition to the room.

A quick and much needed "thank you" to the current men in my house: Jim and Caleb! They built, fashioned, and yesterday, attached an extension onto my "sewing desk" beyond where Mike is located. This extension will provide the added support of anything large (like when binding) or most anything I'm free motion quilting on my DSM. You guys are the best!!

One other project yesterday was the beginning of quilt restoration on Andrew's old Spartan "S" quilt. I brought it back from California when I went out in October. It turned out to be an all day project just for phase I and wow, what a project! We have it in the washer right now getting the last of the restorative out and in about 20 minutes, will be able to see just how we did. If (and this is a big if) it came out clean enough (meaning the whites are actually white and not too dingy) I'll start tearing it apart for Phase II: Repair work.

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