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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Short Day

After mom finally "released" me yesterday, I ran some quick errands and then scurried on home. I wanted to at least get my daily block done and I'm glad I started this first. We are starting to build the corner blocks and this required 4 6-inch blocks to complete. Yesterday's block had 126 pieces in it alone. It took the remainder of the night to finish.

Here are the two quilts going to guild tonight, as promised from yesterdays post.

Heading to Orlando
I forgot to mention a few days ago that my paint chip challenge is done! I finished it last week, but kept forgetting to put that in my blog. Of course, there are no pics yet, but after October I will be able to post it up.

Since I asked for a moving pardon today, I'm quite confused in what to do. I have to wait until 10:00 to see what the BOD entails, but I think DW needs to have another customer quilt loaded. I have quite a few still down there to get worked on and should probably head in that direction.

We are basically moving more for mom tomorrow night and all day Saturday and if I get a top loaded I can chip away at it in between all the moving hubbub. Apparently dad wants to visit on Sunday and Monday and you never know what happens when he comes for a visit; I should probably take advantage of the quiet day today.

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