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Friday, September 2, 2016


Summer is dumb. Between the fruit flies in the house, the mosquitoes, and the mice that are starting to find their way in for the winter, I'm about ready to pull what hair I have out of my head. Generally the mice stay downstairs, and Jim sets a gazillion traps to eradicate them. However, one has found its way into my studio. Lily is going bonkers trying to find it!

He/she hasn't found my customer quilts (yet), but this mouse thing has to come to a halt before it does. Thankfully, I have a tenacious dog who won't give up until she finds the bugger.

And, so, that's what I've been doing this morning...trying to find the mouse.

Here are the three quilts going to Orlando.

Heading to Florida

Prior to going to guild, Jim and I buzzed over to pick Sherman back up from the dealership. Jim said he was great coming home; we'll see!

Before going to get the truck, I worked on two more of my witches.

Two more
Before working on the witches I loaded DW with this customer quilt for Susan N.

Chinese Lanterns for Susan N.
Susan wanted the Eiffel Tower inserted into the negative space and this is what I came up with.

Eiffel Tower
The outline I created myself and then the filler was all ruler work.

Today is another moving day (later), but I have this morning to myself. Tonight is the official start of college football (hurray for more quilting time). The boys/girls will be out to watch the game and be here so we can get an early start tomorrow moving all moms heavy and bulky items with the moving truck we are picking up later today.

Piecing/coloring time will be this morning, a little free motion early afternoon, and then we're off and that's about how my day will go.


  1. hmmm, ok WHY the Eiffel Tower on a Chinese Lantern quilt.... just HAVE to ask :)

  2. I have no idea. This is what she asked me to do in the quilt, and since the customer is always right, I'm doing what I'm told; good dooby that I am. :-)