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Monday, September 5, 2016


After two busy days with both mom and my father, we resume normalcy. For now.

The bulk of moms old place is now in her new condominium. It took six of us (Alisha and my mom don't really count though) a little under five hours, two moving truck loads, and a lot of sweat. But, all her "big" stuff is moved. Sigh!

We visited her after spending yesterday with the boys, my dad and Charlotte, to replace the dryer cable since the one she had wasn't the right one. She's tuckered out, but seems happy so far.

Since the last two days were a bust in here, I'm going to probably just putter around today to get my bearings back. I have this little guy I slid in since Friday that I need to quilt out. I'll add him to the chickens who already live in the kitchen.

New Chicken
I was also able to get the remaining witches colored and am now ready to start the hand embroidery. But, there's a problem with that. The DMC floss I have here is so old, only two of the colors cross over to the pattern. And, after looking up the colors, don't have anything even close to what I need.

And, then there's the variegated floss too. I have no variegated embroidery flosses, and it doesn't appear DMC makes anything close to what I need. Jim gave me permission to order the floss kit needed for the whole "Witch" kit, minus the third panel, since those haven't even been released yet.

I have Susans quilt sitting on DW that I didn't even think about working on, and so I have plenty to do today with the BOD's and other such things. Jim has already left for work (since it is a holiday), and will have about six uninterrupted hours to enjoy my time in here. Yeah!

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