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Wednesday, September 14, 2016


As a quilter, patience is a virtue. Whether it's a machine you rely on that is ill, or whether a daunting task is before you in completing.

Like these guys.

Big Project
80 of them needed to be sewn. 80 of them needed to have papers removed (I ran out of phone book pages and found a notepad I could use for the last 10 or so), and 80 of them to square up to 4 1/2". Then, once all of this is done, the blocks have to be laid out correctly and then sew together to yield four border sides.

Yesterday, while chatting with folks on the phone, I was able to get all the papers removed from the blocks. Getting time to square them will be today before mom comes over. Not much else will be accomplished in here because after we confirm her flight for her trip, we are heading out somewhere for lunch and shopping.

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