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Thursday, September 8, 2016

One Track Mind

When I get my heart set on something, it seems like I have a one track mind. I was so consumed in this project yesterday the day just flew by as it was starting to come together looking like something other then a green and re blob.

Quilt Shop
It is far from done, but at least you can tell it's a shop.

No working on it today. I have to rush to Lansing to babysit Hannah this morning before my class in Portland this afternoon. After class, I'll be at The Hen House making dog beds to hand out during our guild meeting. People were asking about them last week thinking I would actually have any made after having everything else to do.

I should have made dog beds yesterday, but honestly, couldn't bring myself to going downstairs to get the fabric for them. It's very nice down there (cool wise). It is not very nice up here with the latest heat wave we're having. It would have just made coming back up here worse.

I'm off and running. This is our last Stitchers Garden One class and I'm sad/glad to see it come to another end.

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