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Friday, September 30, 2016

And Humpty-Dumpty was put back together again.

A delivery from Utah arrived yesterday! Springs for DW!!! Now to install them both.

If you look under that black knob, at that tiny little hole, it contains a set screw within that hole to hold all the tension stuff together within that black knob. See the larger hole beneath the tiny hole? That goes into the body of my machine. Guess where the set screw ended up?

Off to the hardware I go to purchase a snake magnet to try to fish out the tiny little set screw from DW's insides. Thankfully, I was successful, and now DW is all back together again.

I took a few basting stitches with him before heading out for the night and he sounds WONDERFUL! Now I can identify with the sounds he makes when his springs are sprung.

Unfortunately, I can't play with DW until I get home from work. And...quite honestly, don't know how much I'll want to work in here after spending all day at the store; I may be too pooped.

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