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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I'm Back in the Saddle Again

Wasn't that a Gene Autry song?

Here are the BOD's for the past week.

September 14-20
Our block sponsor seems to be throwing in a few 6 1/2" blocks every so often. Not sure what's up with that?

DW's latest fashion
This is a charity quilt Gloria H. made over the weekend. I used this one to see how DW was performing.

Finished charity quilt
Apparently he was doing well because we knocked this one out before the evening hours rolled in.

DW's newest change
This is a paint chip challenge quilt that I'm actually kind of nervous about tackling. All the guild members will view and scrutinize the piece for "judging" on October 6th. My initial tension check resulted in those ugly loops and issues I was having with the one I did for Susan two weeks ago. You know, the one I spent seven hours ripping out? However, it seemed my thread was (once again) not totally into the tension discs because after rethreading twice, got everything to work out (finally). We'll work on this piece today.

While Gloria's quilt was being quilted (I had the computer stitch that one out because if he's going to be naughty, this is the hardest way to work him), I put together that striped top I posted yesterday. The blocks were made, but they needed to be put together into a top. 

After a day of long arming, DW sounds just fine. I'm still a little concerned about the looping issue. Do the tension discs wear out over time? Why am I just starting to have problems with this? I think I need to contact the guys at Gall and see about my concern. Onward, ho!

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