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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Another SG Day

Mom showed up earlier then expected yesterday morning and I was barely able to start my BOD. However, while chatting on the phone with Carol R. and April B. I was able to trim the 5 1/2" blocks down to the 4 1/2" needed for one of the Stitcher's Garden borders.

After mom and I spent the day in Marshall shopping and she then headed home to finish packing for her trip, I started putting the center of SG together after finishing my BOD.

When the studio lights were finally dimmed I had the three main sections assembled. I'll put the bulk of it together at sew-in tomorrow when I have more table space to complete the task.

Today the remaining borders will be prepared and assembled also for sew-in work. The remainder of today will be cleaning up around DW's frame to get him ready for his possible return back home (removing dust, cleaning his truck wheels, and picking out any threads from his track). We are definitely keeping our fingers crossed that he'll be home soon!

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