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Monday, September 26, 2016


When the kids were home yesterday (all seven of them), I had Caleb take a look at the stitching on the charity quilt currently loaded (younger eyes see better). He couldn't seem to locate any loops so maybe we have this problem rectified.

Tristan was taking his nap so he's not in the pic
I received an email from Handi Quilter on Friday afternoon for a contact person to talk to later today. We are going to go over some items on the machine and see if what Mike had me do is the actual "fix" for what DW needs to eliminate his looping issue.

I start my new job tomorrow which will reduce some of my studio time. I'm not sure yet what my hours are going to end up looking like, but indicated to my new manager that under 25 a week would be optimal. I'm sure, during busier times, it will be more.

I did tell them Thursdays were not an option for me to work. And, I also mentioned quilt camp next year (as well as the reunion) and she was very flexible and understanding about both.

My new job: Tractor Supply Company doing just about everything and anything they need me to do. I was also hired at Meijer as a cashier, but I'm probably going to defer that offer later this week depending on how it goes with TSC tomorrow. The wages are the same, but found out [later] that Meijer takes union dues out of its employees. What? This is a Right-To-Work state. Union dues? Really?

For today, I'll be making the most out of a quiet day now that all the kids/grandkids are back into their own lives. Working on the guild newsletter needs to happen sometime this week since I want it out by about Friday and I have this long arm thing to deal with. A few customer quilts are still patiently waiting to get done and I have one more coming in (that I know of) in the next few days. Giddy Up!

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