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Friday, September 23, 2016

Hands Quilter 0...Gall Sewing 1

Handi Quilter has yet to contact me back on my little looping issue with the long arm. Mike, at Gall Sewing, however, has been a HUGE help! We spent about a half hour on the phone the first time yesterday morning, another 20 minutes on the phone a little later on, and I think we have a handle on my problem.

It was an upper tension issue. It was a bobbin tension issue. It was a too-tight-on-the-frame issue, and it was totally on me; not my machine.

When you use a piece of machinery as often as we do, certain "routines" are forgotten or glazed over. I became lax in how I was threading, checking, and rechecking before stitching and this was the root of my problems. While the looping is not 100% rectified, we (Mike and I) think the thread (Signature) is probably bad. It is three years old after all.

And, the machine isn't really looping anything at the moment, it's just snapping thread about every 10 minutes or so.

I would love to play some more this morning on the machine to see how he's behaving today, but I'm off to two job interviews. This will take up most of my morning and early afternoon. When I get home and after gobbling down some lunch, I then have to kind of clean my house. The Ohio kids are coming for us to sit Tristan while they "play" with their old college friends all weekend.

Since we'll have Tristan all weekend, blogging won't occur, and I'll barely spend in any time in here. He hates the long arm and it'll just be easier to keep him out of here as much as we can. There's nothing really in here for him because needles, rotary cutters, and lots of expensive machinery do not mix with a two year old.

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  1. Glad you got that issue taken care of :) and WOW! Tristan is TWO already!?!? doesn't seem possible.