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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Life Happens

Isn't it funny how life can coast along at a nearly monotonous pace and then all of a sudden it starts to pour? As much as autumn is my favorite season, this one isn't starting out very well.

While at the new job yesterday (orientation all day), mom comes back home from her Oregon/California trip sick, dad is hospitalized for a very large, very septic kidney stone, Jim's mom is throwing 2-year old tantrums, and Jim's aunt is here visiting from Oregon with his other aunt who lives over the bridge. Meanwhile, Jim receives inquiring text messages from his sister about his mothers behavior and I receive text messages from my brother about dads condition. There are even more messages/texts on my phone from Meijer, quilting customers, and guild members.

I'm out of the work force for six years. I think I received more voicemail messages, texts, and phone calls in one day then I have in the six years I've been home. WTH?

Today was supposed to be a out-and-about day with mom, but since she's not feeling well, that's out. I was going to go and visit dad in the hospital but Charlotte informs me he's drugged up and they are probably going to send him home this afternoon anyway.

So, today, I'm going to play. I'm going to enjoy a quiet day in the studio and see what I come up with. There certainly is plenty to do in here so away I go.

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