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Friday, September 9, 2016


Being a part of a quilting group is a wonderful way to share ideas, patterns, problem solving, and moreover, the fellowship with people of like mind.

My little quilt guild, Across the Square Quilters, is nearing the time again when we have several committees doing things. Things like the Christmas party (I'm a committee member with Margaret this year), a committee for the bazaar we participate in, and a nominating committee to usher in candidates for offices needing to be filled. This year we have three vacancies of the four voted on.

One of those committee members voiced a concern about not "bellying up to the trough" because of XYZ reason. She tried to encourage each of us to become involved and just because a 100% participation rate is not possible, should not be a reason for exemption for consideration. That's how I became involved with the Christmas Party. It was guilt. Pure and simple.

I have a lot on my plate with our guild already, but felt like the little bit of time I would need to set aside for the group wouldn't be so demanding that I shouldn't volunteer. Plus, Margaret only lives about two miles away from me and going to her place to help out won't be that daunting.

Okay, that was what I did last night. Yesterday's Stitcher's Garden last class was fun! We laughed so hard and had such a great time sharing and asking questions that I'll truly miss trekking to Portland every other Thursday. I still have SG II but One is now officially closed.

Jim and I made about 16 dog bed shells between SGI and guild. Half of them got taken last night at the meeting.

The start to my day
This is how I basically started my day yesterday. Isn't she cute? Hannah and I read books, looked in the mirror at the strange baby, and played peek-a-boo. She did her exercises and we chased several of the cats around the house. Two hours went by in a flash!

Today I have two BOD's to tackle before anything else since Hannah and I took up all of yesterday morning. It's still really humid and muggy today so I'll leave DW down again for another day. I'll continue to work on the "Quilt Shop" in my Painted Lady series and perhaps do one of my quilt fairy gifts (still working on the fabric "theme" for those though). And, IT'S PIZZA DAY! My favorite!!

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