After my BOD yesterday (and these are starting to get a little more time is required), I dove back into the other little project I started on Thursday night. I finally finished them and here they are.

Chickens go cluck, cluck; Cows go moo. Piggies go oink, oink, how about you?
These are the cutest little placemats and I'll make a tractor or barn table runner later to go with them for our eating area table. These are for the boys since we identify each of these little critters with each of the boys. Jim, of course, is the sheep (inside joke).

From there it was time for the basketball game and time for me to play on DW.

This is what he and I made yesterday.

Go Green! Go White!
I saw this on a t-shirt earlier this week and that's where the idea came from. I still have to bind it and make hangers for it, but this turned out too cool and wanted to share.

The stitch regulator was on for part of this, because I'm still trying to "take the training wheels" off of my stitching. After I felt comfortable with what I was doing, I cranked up the manual mode to about 46% and played and played.

It was fairly early when I shut down because we had yet to visit Meijer for groceries for the little kid.

Meijer is an interesting place at times. We had every intention of not spending hours there; after visiting with three couples we saw throughout the place, finally got out after a little over two hours.

Mom is coming over today and we get to see/hear about all of Caleb's pics from Australia. Little time will be spent in here I'm afraid, but I get about an hour at least.


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