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Friday, March 4, 2016

Fun Days are Really Fun

Yesterday was phone day. It seemed like I had a million phone calls and I had a visitor despite the cruddy roads. Even with all these little blips, I managed to have fun in the studio.

The BOD was easy yesterday and I completed my Ugly Sweater block before breaking for lunch.

Number 10
I actually like this ugly sweater. I moved along to DW and removed the charity quilt that was on him. I made the binding and am all set for Mike to [eventually] come back home to complete that quilt.

The project I had in my head wasn't going to happen. I could not seem to locate the correct color of fabric I'm looking for around here, so off I go shopping today to find something I have in mind.

I treated myself to a small fun project after that. This has been sitting in my to-do bag for a while and I made this for one of Jim's cousins I'll see at the reunion this year. I think she'll like it.

A cute little bag for Jim's cousin Rosie.
Is that a zipper at the top? Why, yes it is. And it works! And I did it without a zipper foot (Jay has a narrow piecing foot on him that worked out very well actually).

It was not even dark yet when I finished this little pouch up, and I was having such a great time that I dug in the to-do bag again and pulled out another something to work on. I didn't get it completed, but all the leg work is done.

I wonder what these are going to be?
I'll keep these a secret until they're done; maybe I'll get to them later today. But for now, the plow has just made his second pass by the house, the temps are starting to warm and it's time to head out into the white wintery world. I have to "break" Mike, the machine, so Mike, the tech, can see what exactly it's doing and what needs to be fixed.

I have to pick up the fabric I'm looking for and then go bring the little kid home for the next week while MSU is on spring break. I guess he's not feeling well (again) as they sent him home from work early (again) last night. Sure hope he doesn't decide to share with mom and dad while he's here.

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