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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Lost Time

I didn't post anything yesterday because on Sunday, aside from doing my BOD, nothing else was accomplished in here. Mom stayed throughout the day to share and enjoy with us, a narrative and pictures from Caleb's Australian/New Zealand Trip.

I made up for it yesterday.

BOD's for the week:

March 2-8
Here's the Ugly Sweater for Monday:

Number 11
I don't think this sweater turned out that ugly. It's kind of nice actually.

Moving along...I finished the charity quilt (finally) from a week ago, to even include the label.

My first charity quilt of the year.
I then finished the MSU door hanger.

Our new door adornment
Amongst all of this hullabaloo, Vicki stopped by to drop off and discuss a quilt I'll be quilting for her. It is oh so cute! I didn't actually think I'd get it loaded before I finished for the evening, but not only did I get it loaded, some of the planning is completed and I now have an idea on what I'm going to set into it. I ditched the first border she didn't want me to actually quilt anything in and I'll rock on with that later today.

Here it is on the frame.

Vicki's Kitties
I tidied up after getting all this work done and then settled down to some family time with the boys. It was a little earlier then usual but I felt like I had done enough for one day. I didn't want to quilt a customer quilt being all tired and whatnot and I was at a good stopping point for the day.

I'll long arm some more today, work on a BOD, maybe get those four quadrants put together, and then who knows?

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