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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Writing Late

Because I got to accompany my DIL on her monthly OB appointment for our new grandson/daughter who is scheduled to arrive on May 18th, I am blogging late today. Baby is doing fine (so far) despite the Omphalocele issue at hand and we can't wait to meet him/her soon!

Here are the BOD's for the past week.

March 9-15
We are now getting into mitered corners. I was a little apprehensive about those, but seem to be getting the gist of them as I move along.

The ugly sweater block for yesterday was this one:

The MSQC star! Cool!
After I completed these two little projects, I moved along to Diane's quilt on DW. It's a medallion quilt with several borders surrounding it. Several borders require several thread changes to it's taking me a while to get this little one done. I'm about half way right now.

I don't know if I'll get any long arming done today. I have my BOD to do and it's already after 6:00. Where do the days go?

I was supposed to pick up another quilt from Audrey, but didn't make it back into Charlotte before she had to leave this afternoon. I'm going to meet her instead at the Hen House on Thursday to get that from her.

On to do my daily chores.

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