Look Familiar?

Hey, we've seen this before. But with feathers and fillers and arcs.

Were did the feathers go?
Oh, this is the modern version of our little quilt top, not the traditional version I was working on yesterday.

I was having so much fun with these two pieces I quilted nearly through my lunch yesterday and on into the night hours last night; I even missed part of The Voice when Jim started watching it. Oh no!

As I look at both of these while they are drying from marking removal, I can't wait to do something cool on my little sewing machine with the other two pieces I created as cast-offs from these two.

The tops, while nearly the same, change their looks depending on what quilting is put into them. It'll be fun to share them with the guild group. I won't share until I get the other two done on Mike, which may be another week. Hey Carol, should I wait until you get yours done before bringing in mine so we can bring them in together? :-)

Waiting to be finished while drying from mark removal
Before I can tackle the other two pieces on Mike, I realized last night that today is the 30th. THE 30TH!? Crap, I have a newsletter to make. Well, of course, that takes priority for today's things to do. I won't even start my BOD until it's done, so I guess we'll call blogging a warm up exercise.


  1. If you want to wait a couple of weeks, I'll try and get to mine. :)


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