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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Too Much Fun

Is it legal to have this much fun in your own home without the aid of alcohol and drugs? I can't seem to stop having so much fun now that I've gotten going.

Maybe I need an intervention? Maybe it's because I was pulled away from the studio for four days and am trying to make up for lost time? Maybe, just maybe, it's because I've gotten the hang of all this quilting stuff and since I feel like I can accomplish positive results, am actually enjoying myself rather then becoming frustrated. Three cheers!

Here are the two long-arm pieces displayed museum style.

Traditional and Modern Quilting
After I got the newsletter pretty much done yesterday (still waiting on one piece from a certain somebody), I bound the two tops above and then moved along to start the domestic sewing machine quilted pieces. When I shut down the studio lights, the traditional piece was quilted. Today I hope to move on to the modern piece.

The moderns take much longer. I'm not sure why exactly, but maybe it has something to do with all the filler they required between each "channel" and they are more of a "quilt it to death" kind of situation.

At some point, I have to belly up to the memory quilt bar. I am dreading loading that thing since it's so huge. I know once I get it loaded it won't take long to quilt, it's just man-handling that much fabric by myself that seems daunting. Perhaps if Jim comes home early today I can get his help.

At any case, it's Thursday, which means Ugly Sweater day, and then my daily BOD before anything else occurs in here.

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