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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Quilt Show

Our annual guild quilt show is this coming weekend! Looking at all the beautiful quilts everybody in the group has made is a wonderful treat and sewing with them while the public is also viewing our quilts makes it extra special.

I only have five going in this year. Most of them are from challenges or projects we did as a group this year. I think the only one that isn't (and it was actually a Carolyn, Wendy, Colette project), is the Twirly Quilt.

Yesterday I shut my phone off and I concentrated on getting Diane's quilt done. BUT...I had to call her a time or two for two reasons.

1) This:

So not square
One of her borders was way off. By about a 1/2" or more. I needed to ask her if this was okay or whether she wanted me to take the quilt off and have her fix it. She just wanted the quilt done.

Then we had to discuss another issue after advancing the quilt from this wonky border. Backing shortage. UGH! Will it never cease?

She instructed me to take from the sides what I could, or if there wasn't enough from there, pick something out of my stash and make it work.

Craft Herpes
My boys often joke about glitter being the bain of all the craft herpes. I think minky backing tops the glitter. The pic shows what my pressing table looked like after taking that side trimming off.

After I trimmed off the one side, (and that made reloading oh so joyous) I was able to piece together JUST enough to add to the bottom of the backing to make it work. Because she did choose this fluffy stuff for the backing fabric, I wouldn't have had anything around here to match and I'm just glad it worked out.

Here's the front of the quilt.

Diane's Medallion Quilt
And here's the back (which looks so cool!).

I love the effect this fluffy stuff projects with the quilting
I have it hung in front of me to snip those stray threads I sometimes miss when I'm trimming and squaring the quilt. I'll pack it up and take it with me this weekend. Diane and I are supposed to hook up at some point so she can pick it up.

I'm meeting Audrey today at the Hen House to get a quilt from her, so that'll be the next one loaded.

But, after I finished Diane's quilt, I started back in on the memory quilt. I got all the quadrants pieced together (and they went together easier then I anticipated), and I also pieced the backing we picked up last weekend. Like a stupid head, I also choose to put minky on the back of it and what a PITA to piece. OMG. NEVER AGAIN!!!!

I'm learning a lot from the memory quilt. 1) Never say you'll do another one. 2) Never say you'll work with this fuzzy, stretchy stuff for backing again. 3). Stick to quilting cottons; life is much better for it.

Yesterday's BOD was again a 6 1/2" block, which took a long time to piece together. Today I'll do that and my ugly sweater before heading into town later to spend some time with my hand stitching friends at the Hen House. Maybe I'll pick up my April Amish With a Twist BOM while I'm there. 

I have to find something to take this weekend to work on during our show. I haven't a clue so I'll rummage around here and see what I can find that's not too huge since we have limited work space with all the quilts being up. Happy St. Patty's Day! Are you wearing your green?

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  1. You're doing a KING size quilt with MINKY!?!? I'm beyond words.... and you know that doesn't happen often lol