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Thursday, March 24, 2016


When I work on my little sewing machine to quilt I must remember to adjust my chair. Remember yesterday when I was complaining about my back? After a little adjustment yesterday my back didn't hurt at all even after quilting for about six hours.

My fanny? That's another story. Apparently my chair doesn't have enough padding in it (or my fanny needs more); either way, it was becoming sore after working only an hour or so. Perhaps I need a new chair? I have a cushion I use on my chair during sew-in weekends that I ended up putting under my butt. That seemed to help.

What happens when you come across this while quilting/ditching?

Raised/loose seam
I actually tried to hand stitch it down for the customer, but that didn't seem to work out so well. I think I need to have some hand stitching lessons. I thought maybe I could glue it down for her, but didn't feel right about doing that.

What I ended up doing was finding thread as closely as I could to the fabric and taking a little bit of a off the ditch approach to the ditch stitching. It worked well actually and everything lays pretty smooth and the stitching isn't noticeable unless you get your face right into it.

I finished this piece yesterday and can't show it to you. I was sworn to secrecy. It's a challenge quilt for a reveal scheduled for a later date.

After getting this piece done I moved on to my iQuilt class. Have I mentioned them? They are the AQS version of Craftsy. You know me and classes in that I LOVE to learn. This particular class is given by a lady who isn't the greatest of instructors, but is an amazing and beautiful quilter. That's what those little negative spaced tops I've shown the past two days are for.

The lady I'm taking the class from is named Judith (Judi) Madsen from Green Fairy Quilts. Her thing is that she marks all of her quilts. And boy, does she ever mark. I can't imagine doing all of this on a full-sized quilt top, but apparently she actually does. The rest of the evening was spent marking the two little tops I have prepared for the class.

I have another class today in Portland (Stitcher's Garden II) and then guild. I'll deliver Audrey's quilt on my way to class and then Vicki's quilt between the class and guild. Having said that, I should get packing for the day away.

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