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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Play Day

Hurray! A play day today. Ya know why? 'Cause the four quadrants are done and my design wall is empty!!!

I know that not working on the memory quilt is only temporary. I know I still have A LOT to do on it, but having gotten the foundation portion nearly completed was a huge task and wow it certainly feels great!

Meanwhile, it's snowing here...again. I'm not sure just to what extent we're supposed to have in accumulation, but Jim assured me he would be here tonight to assist in my trunk show endeavors, so unless we get a major dump (and I don't think we're supposed to), I have to start packing the quilts downstairs to make their trip for tonights meeting.

Mike, from Gall Sewing, called Jim yesterday. He said he can't seem to get the machine to skip stitches for him (of course). He wants me to run in today to show him what it's doing, but I have to go pick up Caleb tomorrow and will do both at once.

I have an idea for a small project I may throw on DW today. The charity quilt is still hanging out on the frame, but I may just slip it behind for now so I can play. We need a small door hanging for the front door and I finally found something I would be happy with having there. We'll see how far I get with Ugly Sweater and my BOD block this morning before I make any "rash" decisions.

Man it feels good to have all those baby things packed back away in that tote. You have no idea.

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