Mike is Home!

Of course, while at Gall yesterday, Mike would not misbehave. He sewed like a dream and so he's back home in his spot at the sewing desk.

Tucked in for the night
I also found some really great fabric at Gall which is exactly what I was looking for in my new little other project (maybe today).

Lovely Green!
After running around and doing a few other errands (floss and jingle bells) I stopped to pick up the little kid to bring him home. He's still coughing up a storm and if this doesn't slow down by Monday, he's going to our family physician.

There was still plenty of day left, so after sewing my BOD up I started back in on my other little project I started on Thursday night. It still didn't get finished so perhaps today during the basketball game I can get it completed.

Lots to do on another snowy day. Hurray for basketball and winter!


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