Top at 3/4's

Three out of the four quadrants are pieced.

Memory Quilt 
I wish I could say the actual quilt was 3/4th's of the way completed, but unfortunately, there is still so much to do even after I complete these four sections.

If I get the fourth quadrant done today, I can't put the sections together. Mike is solely responsible for that feat and I still don't have a status on his progress. I might (and that's a very big might) try to get it together on Laura, but I don't know how much frustration I'm willing to endure with that.

In the meantime, I think Mr. Winter will cooperate with us this week and I may actually have a trunk show to give tomorrow night at our guild meeting. I'm not going to start packing everybody up until tomorrow afternoon because, well, let's face it...we live in Michigan and ya just never know.

I don't want the quilts folded for ANY length of time and having them folded for the six or so hours as it is for the show just makes me cringe. I know, I know, everybody else folds their quilts, right? Well, I've seen the permanent creases in too many of them and quite frankly, I would personally rather have an imperfect quilt top then a perfect completed quilt with creases in it. Both are unsightly, but at least I am to blame for the former.

As my neighbor digs himself out from the latest storm with his big road grater, I'm going to get started today with my BOD and then on to the last section of the memory quilt. He's digging out...I'm digging in.


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