I finished Vicki's Kitties yesterday. It turned out so darn cute!

Vicki's Kitties
She had me really quilt this one pretty light, and had it been my quilt, I probably would have put a little more into it...but it's not and I did as the customer asked, so there.

After I finished Vicki's quilt (around 4:30), I went back into finishing my little chicken skinny.

This was completed around 8:30ish and it'll be hung this morning before I take off for Portland.

Hens and Chicks
Class is today with Margaret on Stitcher's Garden 1. I love going to class with her; we have such a great time and she's such a wonderful person to be with...like most of my quilting friends.

I took a peek at the BOD for today, as well as the Ugly Sweater. Chances of me actually getting through one of them before leaving is slim. They are both really labor intensive and they probably won't get finished until tomorrow.

Gotta run. Things to do and all that jazz.


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