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Monday, March 14, 2016

Lazy Sunday

After running to the store to pick up some cord yesterday, Jim and I pretty much did not much else. We ate lunch, we lounged with our devices, he took a nap and then watched the game while I made this. 

Fabric Bowl
I made this using the cord we picked up earlier and some strips of fabric I have hanging out in the string quilt basket. It's actually pretty durable and stiffer feeling then it looks. I just stuck the plant in there because I'm not really sure what I'm actually going to do with it.

That's about it for yesterday. Our BOD's of late have been mitered corners...which I'm trying to be patient with, but other then that, it was just a rainy, cold, lazy day. 

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  1. you still did more than I did, quilting/sewing wise. I binge-watched Hart of Dixie most of the day... finally did some embroidery about 8 pm.