Let It Snow...Let Me Sew

First we have winter, then spring, then winter, then spring, now winter again. This has definitely been an odd season. But today brings another round of cumulative snow fall and so I hunker down and continue on.

My BOD's for last week only show five because we did the medallion on Saturday and Sunday.

Feb. 24-Mar 1
Here is yesterday's Ugly Sweater block.

Ugly Sweater #9
The remainder of the day was spent working on the memory quilt. Quadrant two is completed and put on the bed with number one. Quadrant three was started and two of the rows are constructed but not yet joined.

Today will be much of the same minus and ugly sweater. I was expecting a quilt from Vicki today to work on with DW, but the weather being what it is will keep her from delivering it. The charity quilt is still on the frame and I hesitate to take it off until Mike gets back from the shop. He's the best at getting those bindings attached.

Speaking of Mike, the machine, Mike, the tech called Jim yesterday about Mike, the machine. Of course, Mike the tech, couldn't get Mike, the machine, to skip stitches for him. Jim instructed him to put a walking foot on and sew through about four layers of fabric (and the machine has never had trouble with that before a few days ago). Mike, the tech, said he'd run Mike, the machine, through it's paces and get the bottom of his problem(s). Having said all that, the machine isn't yet done.

So, I struggle with Jay and the slippery interfacing on these memory blocks. I just have to sew very slow and be patient with my construction. Until this thing is at least "roughed in", I can't move along to anything else. I'm afraid if I detour into other waters I'll lose my momentum and the project will be forever in finishing.

P.S. If anybody ever asks me again to construct one of these for them, for the record, I will not.


  1. did you try putting a phone book page under the interfacing before stitching? It might help. :)

  2. I have and it actually seemed to make it worse. I think the feed dog system on Jay isn't like our "modern day" machines. I just keep going very slow. Thus, the very slow progress.


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