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Saturday, March 12, 2016


I forgot to blog yesterday. Probably because the little kid and I were off and running pretty early. He had a doctors appointment and we had some errands to do in town. Thursday was spent on the road to class and guild, so nothing really was accomplished in here anyway.

Once we got back, shoveled some lunch down our gullets, and texted my friends to come over and play on DW, we were off and running again. Peggy came over to see how I load a quilt and she ended up staying about 2-3 hours; it was nearly 4:30 when she finally had a head full of things to try on her long arm.

This is what we loaded when she was here.

New Customer Quilt
This particular quilt wasn't even expected in. The new customer is somebody I take class with in Portland and she just basically thrust the thing into my arms, gave me a quick synopsis of what she wanted into it, and then we went on about our business. The backing for this quilt is something I've never worked with before. It's not Minky like I thought, but a cuddle-like fabric that is rather fluffy and very stretchy.

Peggy and I worked through it together and think we have a pretty good handle on what we need to do with this. To make sure, she and I set in the first two borders (well, I did anyway. She didn't want to quilt event though I offered plenty of times for her to try).

Peggy, like I was very recently, was not willing to "take the training wheels off" using her stitch regulator. I wanted her to see the difference in the movement of the machine with the sucker disengaged and she wouldn't go there. I can't blame her; it's a customer quilt after all, but still, I was willing to pick any stitches gone awry.

After Peggy left, I got yesterdays BOD done. It looks like we're working into larger blocks now because yesterdays was 6 1/2" unfinished. I moved over to my ugly sweater block and finished that.

Number 12
I'm so glad I decided to do these blocks because they are turning out so darn [ugly] cute.

There was still some time left in the day so I completed Thursdays Stitcher's Garden homework.

Stitcher's Garden #1--Neutral Colorway
I had to pick the stem out from the first attempt at class. It came out spaced too far and the background fabric could be seen through each of the pieces of floss. I instead substituted the floss for a heavier dark blue to light green variegated yarn. It turned out much better.

Today we have to run to Lansing to help the middle kids with some house renovations. Caleb has to be returned back to school, and we have some items to pick up while we are in town; I have a rather large list. So, off we go and we'll return in time (hopefully) for the basketball game at 3:30. Maybe I can get some long arming and next months homework done before the day is done?!?

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