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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Waste Not

When a quilt top is made, often times there is a lot (two words, lol) of waste cut away. Sometimes it's just a little bit and sometimes it's quite a bit.

The two long arm exercise tops I made were in the "waste a lot" category. After I trimmed off the corner triangles, I pieced them together, fashioned another small top from each of them and came up with these two pieces at the bottom of the below pic.

Making use of trimmed triangles.
The original two tops at the top of the pic will be used to demonstrate traditional quilting versus modern quilting motifs on the long arm. I'm going to use the bottom two modified tops to demonstrate traditional quilting versus modern quilting using the domestic sewing machine.

Here's why.

A little wall hanging under the needle
This particular quilt was brought to me to finish for a customer. The quilt pattern was provided because it gave the quilting suggestions along with the top pattern and I indicated to the customer they could do it themselves (instead of paying me) on their home sewing machine. I'm glad for the work and extra income, but it's truly not that hard to do...just time consuming is all.

The customer indicated she didn't have the time (and I get that) nor the motivation to complete the top herself. But I think sometimes quilters sell themselves short on what exactly they really can do on their little machines at home. I want to show people that, while I'm not trying to get rid of any jobs, some of the jobs I get are easier for the customer to do then they think they are.

At any case, I'll be working on this today since the customer needs to have it done ASAP. It took some time to get it layered and pinned (longer then I thought it would) before I actually started the extensive ditch work the pattern calls for. I called it a night after 8:00 since my back was screaming from leaning over the little sewing machine; I forgot to lower my chair down to that comfortable level I need to when I quilt on it rather then piece. I'll remember better today I'm sure!

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