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Thursday, December 10, 2015

W.I.P's Ahoy

Isn't that supposed to be Chips Ahoy? W.I.P's = Works In Progress.

This is my WIP's shelving unit.

WIPs and Other Things
Actually, the whole thing is not all WIP's. Only the top five shelves are. The rest of it is storage, magazines, books, patterns, etc.

But after my blog yesterday, I knew I needed to start weeding through some of this. It's becoming too daunting and I've ignored it long enough. Some of the WIP's aren't even in there: Arcadia Avenue, Diamond Strings, and the Selvedge blocks were already taken out to work on.

I completed the Diamond String blocks and they're ready to put together. I'll do that next weekend at sew-in. Arcadia Avenue will also be constructed during sew-in after I get the setting triangles cut this next week.

The Selvedge Pinwheels are being worked on throughout this week (end) and will be throughout the holidays. I actually started back at that yesterday too. What a mess!

Selvedges Ahoy
I'm trying not to use the same selvedge in each of the nine color ways. It will add variety and interest to all of it I think.

Today I have class in Portland. We have our guild Christmas party tonight. I have to pick up Andrew's backing between those two events so I can load that and get it done before they show up in nine days. I will probably be binding that during sew-in also. Wow! I usually wonder what I'm going to do at sew-in and this next week I have plenty it seems.

Tomorrow I probably won't get to do much in here. I have to clean the house and pick up party stuff for Saturday. It's like a mini DeGroot reunion here and it gets pretty chaotic and noisy with everybody. This will be our first hosting since we've moved back into this house. Should be interesting.

As I'm writing this, a question came to mind. How come we are in charge of everything for the actual summer DeGroot reunion and we are also the host house for the winter one? The good side of this is that the house actually gets a good scrubbing at least once a year.

I have to finish packing for today/tonight. Since it's early, maybe (just maybe) I'll get a few more selvedge triangles made before Margaret comes to pick me up.

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