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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Forgive Me Father

Virtually nothing with quilting yesterday. 

I didn't turn on my machine(s). I didn't thread a needle. I didn't even fire up the iron. Forgive me!

When I said virtually, I actually did do one little thing yesterday. I purchased pillow case fabric for our new Christmas ensemble. It's pre-washed and ready to get ironed on the pressing table. 

Pillowcase fabric
Yep. That was the extent of my quilting day yesterday.

And today will be nearly identical.

Mom and I are going walkabout today in Lake Odessa. I haven't a clue what time I'll be returning, but thanks to the coyotes, I'm up earlier then usual (again) and can get some of the prep work needed to get these done maybe later tonight while Jim's watching the Spartans in Indy?!?

Go Green! Go White! 

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  1. Ditto on not doing much yesterday.... I never went near Mo'e... did trim and put binding onto my latest practice quilt; thought I'd donate it to Siren for a toddler, but maybe I'd better keep it for stitches reference for a bit.