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Monday, December 7, 2015

Small Project Sunday Turns Large

I started out yesterday with something small. I finished the pillow cases.

Christmas Pillow Cases
They'll look cute on the bed once the white ones are taken off.

Then I started on something a little bigger. Andrew's quilt. I will be picking up backing fabric for it on Thursday because The Hen House gives us a GREAT discount on Thursdays (20% off instead of just 15%). I must, must, must get this on the frame soon to get this done before the kids show up on the 19th.

I thought this would only take me a few hours. Not so much. And, there's a story that goes with this thing.

When I started putting it together at sew-in last month, I counted, recounted, and counted again how many t-shirts I had. I got 20 all three times. Great. 4 blocks by 5 blocks would work great, and to make the quilt big enough for my big kid, I wanted the blocks to be around 20" square.

When I got to sew-in and started laying everything out on the floor, there were only 19 t-shirts. When I finished all the framing, I had to make a block with the SAF sleeve pieces I saved while cutting out the main body of each t-shirt to get it back to the 20 blocks needed.

When I got home I showed Jim what I had to do to get my 20 blocks. He counted and sure enough, without the SAF sleeve block I only had 19.

Yesterday, while constructing the 2nd row (remember, each row had 4 blocks in it) there were actually 5 blocks in the pile. What?

I set aside the SAF block to see if I would need it later because somewhere somebody was messing with me.

After getting the top together, the SAF block is still setting on the stool next to the design wall waiting to go into the quilt somehow, but obviously, it is no longer needed. I guess It'll be a pillow instead.

This thing turned out really large! 85" x 106" and if it looks like it goes on forever in the pic, it does!

Andrew's top waiting for the backing. 
DW will stay naked for a few days. I have to sit and do some piecing/sewing on the BOM's. I could load Stitcher's Garden. It's ready and I'm ready, but Wendy wants to get a quilt sandwiched using DW and I don't want to load him up and then have to unload him the next day. I don't know when she'll be coming over and I don't want to rush Stitcher's Garden to accommodate her needs so I'll leave DW in rest mode for a bit. (Ugh!)

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