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Friday, December 18, 2015


Before I run off to quilt with my guild's a little of the quilting detail in Stitcher's Garden.

A little quilting detail
Sorry it doesn't show up very well, but in this flower alone, I have three thread changes: Blue, Green, and White. This is one of the simpler blocks--let the thread changes begin!

I'll be putting the binding on Andrew's t-shirt quilt today as well as setting the blocks in Arcadia Avenue. If Wendy attends, I may have her assist me with the bag I want to make my mom for Christmas.

She picked out the fabrics and the pattern when we were in Arizona, and despite my having looked over the pattern, can't seem to wrap my head around the darn thing. Wendy, however, can make sense out of just about anything.

Off to go sew!

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