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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Small Project Someday

This small project didn't hit on Sunday this week but at least it was close. Will Monday work?

Prior to working on this Christmas present for my DIL, I actually completed the quilting in Andrew's t-shirt quilt. The binding is all cut and I'll attach it on Friday at sew-in. Much more room at the library there to spread the quilt out on while trying to get all the binding on.

After long arming, I wanted to complete the remaining two selvedge triangles in the red color way before I could put all the selvedges back in their basket for another day.

Then I was able to start this apron.

Laura's Apron
When the final pressing was completed on the apron, and I stood behind the camera lens, I realized I did the damn thing upside down. UGH! Well, she's getting it anyway and if she frowns at it, I'll keep it for myself and make her another in a different pattern.

I still had some steam left in me after realizing my apron boo-boo. I then moved over to cutting the setting triangles for Arcadia Avenue to be worked on also this upcoming weekend.

Still plugging along and with a little energy left, I also cut the border fabrics for the Night Stars piece still hanging out on the wall. Unfortunately, I don't have enough fabric to do with it what I wanted to (adding an additional tiny border prior to putting the black final border on) and will have to make due with what was received in the kit.

Today I'm going to do my homework for Stitcher's Garden for next month; I have a feeling once the kids show up, time will get away from me and I'll think I've already did it and actually didn't. I have two blocks to prepare for next month so I better get that out of my way.

I need to prepare the backing for Stitcher's Garden and will load that. I don't have batting for it (at least not the kind/size) to fully load the quilt, but it'll be a start. Perhaps some more WIP work will follow if I can't find a zipper around here for something small I want to attempt. Onward, quilt!


  1. the print on the apron will be right side up when she puts it on and looks down at it :)

    1. I'll tell her that when I give it to her. Perhaps she'll buy it?!?